Planked Bacon Wrapped Asparagus


planked bacon wrapped asparagus

I’ve seen a lot of planked food items around, mostly fish or chicken wings. But once I got my hands on some cedar planks, I went straight to bacon wrapped asparagus.

Since then I like to serve this dish alongside anything that is cooked on the grill, it is a fantastic side and is always a favourite with guests, thanks to the bacon obviously.

planked bacon wrapped asparagus on grill

For the sake of this post I cooked this batch indirectly as I wasn’t cooking anything else on the grill at the time. But by all means place the planks directly over the coals if you are already cooking something else indirectly alongside.

Be sure to soak the cedar planks in water before cooking with them and also keep an eye while they’re on the grill to ensure that they don’t catch on fire.

I’ve found that I can get about two cooks out of a plank before they start getting too charred – make sure to stock up.

planked bacon wrapped asparagus pinterest

I really enjoy cooking on the planks as they provide a nice platform for delicate foods where the grill grates just won’t suffice. The hint of cedar added to the food is delightful.

I will be looking to share some more ideas with you in the future. Chicken, fish, cheese. I’ve seen it been done, now I just have to try it myself.

Asparagus wrapped in bacon and grilled on a cedar plank

You’ll Need…

  • Asparagus
  • Streaky Bacon
  • Cedar Plank


  1. Prepare grill for medium indirect heat
  2. Separate asparagus in to four equal bunches and wrap with 2 slices of bacon.
  3. Place asparagus bunches onto cedar planks and put in the indirect zone of the grill, replace lid and cook for 20 minutes until asparagus is firm and tender, slightly charred and the bacon is cooked.